It only takes ten minutes. Share your memory with the world's first collective diary.

Make your memory a part of history by submitting it to the Red String Project, showcasing our past through first person accounts. This collection of individual memories will create a unique story line, filled with perspectives that are often overlooked in historical texts.

We are in the process of creating a prototype site for the Red String Project, and we need to collect as many memories as possible for launch. Please help us reach our first goal of 200 memories by submitting one of your own.

Once launched, the Red String Project will continue to grow. Your submissions will spark others and lead to an ever expanding pool of memories. It’s our hope that one day the Red String Project will be a repository for memories spanning decades and borders, representing voices from an array of demographics. Users will be able to search the collection online by date, place, event, or subject, and easily add their own memories to the collection, using text, photos, audio, and video platforms. Please click here to view specific guidelines.

Your memory can truly be about anything. It can be funny, serious, embarrassing, sad, or celebratory. There are no limits, as long as it is something that you experienced. Need ideas? Click here.